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About Us

SafePro Group is a global travel security and protection specialist firm. We understand that travelers today seek comprehensive solutions that in addition to providing traditional travel benefits, also take extraordinary measures to actively guarantee their safety and security. SafePro Group meets this need by tapping on its worldwide network of in-country experts, assets, and partners to furnish a complete spectrum of services, akin to providing travelers with their own security planning and protective detail, in order to give travelers perfect ease of mind.


SafePro Group recognises that security evacuation is complex, even for trained professionals and units. Pre-positioning, intelligence, and capacity is key. This is why SafePro Group only accept clients when we are confident that we can execute the operation(s) needed in the worst-case scenario, whether in terms of the number of incidents occurring simultaneously, or in the difficulty of the crisis related. We do not overpromise nor overcommit.


Travelers today can no longer take their safety and security for granted. When you travel, anything can happen. SafePro Group's team of veterans from the enforcement, military, and intelligence services will assist you in every step of the way.  We will be there when you need us most.

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