How SafePro Keeps You Safe

SafePro Keeps You Safe During Security Incidents

SafePro Keeps You Safe During Medical


When confronted with a safety or security threat, SafePro clients can activate the panic button on the SafePro Virtual Bodyguard app installed on their mobile devices.


The SafePro Ops Centre will then get in touch with the client immediately to render assistance. If necessary, ground operatives will be deployed to the client’s location to ensure his or her safety and comfort.


The client will be advised on the risk of remaining in the country, following which arrangements will be made for the client to continue with his journey, or return home, depending on the client's preference. 

During a medical emergency, SafePro clients can activate the panic button on the SafePro Virtual Bodyguard to record an urgent request for medical attention.


The SafePro Ops Centre will immediately contact the client's hotel or local medical services to attend to the client in the shortest possible time.

SafePro Virtual Bodyguard

Using a combination of GPS, cell tower, and WIFI location tracking technologies, the SafePro Virtual Bodyguard mobile app allows for seamless monitoring of the location and key security status of SafePro members in a manner that respects their privacy needs.  SafePro Virtual Bodyguard keeps you safe and protected.


Features of SafePro App


  • Operational 24/7

  • Receives immediate alert as and when incidents occur

  • Provides voice recording during emergencies

  • Offers immediate contact with global ops centers

  • and many more....

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