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SAFEPRO TRAVEL PROTECT Membership Program is underwritten by Starr International Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd. 



Travel with a peace of mind during this COVID19 pandemic. Our members will receive medical and travel benefits even when they are infected with COVID19 during the period of travel overseas.

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The difference between life and death in an emergency often hinges on how you respond when the unexpected happens. Knowing where to go or what action to follow could greatly increase your chances of survival and escape.

• 24/7 monitoring and protection
• Receive immediate alerts as and when medical or security incidents occur
• Record and broadcast a voice message during emergencies
• Make immediate contact with global Operation Centres

When confronted with a security threat, members can activate the ‘Panic Button’ in the SafePro Travel Protect app. The SafePro Operation Centre will immediately contact the member to render assistance. Ground operatives may be deployed to extract the member from danger, or evacuate the member back to his home country. In a medical emergency, SafePro can assist a member by reaching out to his hotel or local hospital to arrange for urgent medical service.

SafePro Travel Protect App

Using a combination of GPS, cell tower, and WIFI location tracking technologies, the SafePro Travel Protect app allows for seamless monitoring of the location and key security status of SafePro members in a manner that respects their privacy needs.  SafePro Travel Protect keeps you safe and protected.

Features of SafePro Travel Protect App


  • Operational 24/7

  • Receives immediate alert as and when incidents occur

  • Provides voice recording during emergencies

  • Offers immediate contact with global ops centers

  • and many more....

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*Only Upon Membership Confirmation

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SafePro Travel Protect

The premiere membership programme to offer COVID-19 & up to S$150,000 coverage for travel.

Get Medical Benefits & Coverage for COVID-19
Travel with a peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones’ medical bills will be taken care of (even when infected with COVID19 during the travel period) when overseas for business, work or leisure subject to relevant government travel restrictions.

Travel Benefits 

Flight delays, baggage loss, or mishaps (accident or illness) overseas not only frustrate travel plans but often impose a heavy financial burden as much as well as much distress. Be reimbursed against unexpected inconveniences or medical fees, including medical evacuation wherever necessary.

SafePro Travel Protect Membership Plans


Step 1

Choose Geographical Coverage

2. Asia Pacific
Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Macau, Maldives, Mongolia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tibet and the Pacific Islands,

The ASEAN countries

3. Worldwide
The rest of the world & countries under Asia Pacific excluding the Hawaiian islands & Sanction countries

Step 2

Choose Membership Plan

Silver Membership
Gold Membership

Get the right protection wherever you go and travel with peace of mind.

Step 3

Choose Membership Duration

Minimum 3 Days Membership plan

Pay for only the coverage you need and nothing more with SafePro Travel Protect for you & your family.


Travel With Peace of Mind For You & Your Family Today!

Contact us or your UOB Travel representative today to find out more about how you can get SafePro Travel Protect when you book your flight with UOB Travel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Protect

What is SafePro Travel Protect Membership Program?

Due to COVID pandemic, major cross border or intra country travel has ceased. With the spread of the COVID19 virus, this has also been excluded from most, if not all, current travel insurance and medical insurance program. SafePro Travel Protect Membership Program is not an insurance product. It is a membership plan managed by SafePro Group and we work to ensure your well-being during security or medical crisis when you are travelling. As a member, you will be entitled to various travel and membership benefits such as reimbursement for medical expenses due to COVID19 when travelling or loss of luggage or flight changes.

Who can become a SafePro Member?

As part of the partnership with UOB Travel, any person purchasing air tickets from UOB Travel can be a SafePro Travel Protect member. To be eligible for SafePro membership, members’ trips must originate from Singapore to permitted countries. For persons below 18, a legal guardian would be required. Approval of membership is subject to the full completion and submission of information and receipt of payment from UOB Travel to SafePro Group. Payment fees are non-refundable and non-cancellable.

There is no age limit under this program and only countries which are on global sanction list or Singapore government issued travel advisories will not be covered.

Can I become apply for SafePro Membership if I purchase my air tickets from other travel agents or directly from the airlines?

This membership program is currently only available for UOB Travel customers. SafePro does not accept applications for membership from other travel agencies or airlines.

When does travel benefits apply?

SAFEPRO travel benefits is only valid for SAFEPRO members during the duration of travel outside Singapore and for travel to and from Singapore. Travel and membership benefits are only valid for the period of membership paid for. These benefits will cease upon members’ safe return to Singapore.

What are the conditions of travel under SafePro Membership Program?

Due to COVID19 and various government restrictions, SafePro members can only enjoy travel and membership benefits if they meet the following conditions:

    • members depart and return from Singapore to overseas countries (excluding those which are on global sanction list or travel advisories have been issued against it by Singapore government)
    • members are tested for COVID19 and results are negative at least 24 hours prior to flight from Singapore.
    • medical evacuation is possible when member is found to be COVID19 positive overseas as long as it is medically approved and permissible under government regulations. Reimbursements is up to S$100,000 per member.
    • travel destination is permissible by Singapore and the host country. If not, the travel benefits for cancelled tickets and hotels are not applicable.

What is the difference between Silver and Gold Membership?

SafePro Gold members are entitled to SafePro Travel Protect app throughout the duration of their membership and when they travel out of Singapore.

Key features of SafePro Travel Protect app:

    • The user-friendly app allows SafePro to track the locations of Gold members anywhere around the world via a software application on their smartphones. This allows SafePro to locate the member in case of emergency by using GPS and wireless tracking functions.
    • Using the app, Gold members can be notified of crisis or emergencies / high impact incidents so that they can avoid the affected areas or take precautions to ensure their safety.
    • The app has a panic button feature that provides instant conduit for the user to contact SafePro Crisis Management Centre 24/7 should any emergency incident occur.
    • Gold members continues to maintain control as to where and when he/she wishes to be tracked and protected depending on their need for privacy.

In the event of crisis, security or medical event, Gold members can contact SafePro Travel Safety Centre via the panic button on the App and will be rendered appropriate assistance. Additional costs and charges for services rendered will apply.

Are there any exclusions where SafePro membership and travel benefits does not apply?

SafePro Membership Benefits are not applicable under following circumstances:

    • any person who is not a fare-paying passenger on a fully licensed aircraft (ie aircrew, pilots)
    • any person involved in a military active or reservist /enforcement/emergency or response action, politically driven conflict, or mass disorder
    • any person undergoing childbirth, pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion and any injury or illness related to such conditions
    • any person who suffers from self-inflicted injury or suicide, drug abuse, alcoholism, mental disorder, congenital anomalies, HIV infection and AIDS-related infection
    • any person engaged in any activity that may be deemed politically sensitive or inflammatory or wanted by Interpol or the relevant local government or being in a UN-sanctioned country
    • any person engaged in activities that present a high accident or safety risk (e.g. leisure adventure sports, extreme sport / high adrenaline activities, and aviation/maritime related operations etc.)
    • any person within an official disaster zone or war and the like, perils, riots and civil commotion, or areas under nuclear fission or radioactive contamination
    • travel to a country which has been subjected to an official travel advisory or global sanction list

Travel benefits will also not apply for members with “pre-existing condition” which refers to any injury or illness which the applicant received medical treatment, diagnosis, consultation or prescribed drugs, or which symptoms or manifestations have existed whether treatment was actually received, within 1 year prior to the effective date of the membership and which the SafePro Member is reasonably aware of. This exclusion will not apply to “24 hours Medical Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation” including return of Mortal Remains arranged through AAI only.

What happens if a SafePro Member contracts COVID19 when travelling overseas and requires medical attention in the foreign country?

Upon the Member’s safe return to Singapore, Member can seek reimbursements for his/her medical expenses incurred up to a limit of S$100,000 for individual. Terms and Conditions apply.

What happens if a SafePro Member is tested positive for COVID19 upon arrival to Singapore after travelling overseas and requires medical attention in Singapore?

Upon the Member’s safe return to Singapore, Member can seek reimbursements for his/her medical expenses incurred up to a limit of S$150,000 for individual or up to S$275,000 per family. Conditions apply.

Can a Member seek medical evacuation back to Singapore upon contracting COVID19 when travelling overseas?

Yes. Members can be medically evacuated back to Singapore for treatment for COVID19 as long as it is medically approved and allowed by various government authorities. However, this is subject to a limit of S$100,000 per member.

Can a Member seek medical evacuation back to Singapore when travelling overseas due to medical condition not related to COVID19?

Yes, medical evacuation can and will be arranged for members subject to medical approval and aircraft availability. Medical evacuation will be coordinated and arranged by Starr Insurance with the designated service provider (AAI).

Can a Member seek reimbursement for cancellation charges or loss for hotel or air-ticket booking due to COVID19?

If the delay or cause of loss was due to COVID19 (contracted by member), member can seek reimbursement of up to S$10,000 (as individual) during the membership period. This would not apply if the loss is due to curtailment imposed by government restrictions on travel due to COVID19. All reimbursements are subject to approval by Starr Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd.

Who do I contact when I require assistance during my travel?

For Travel inquiries and ticketing assistance Please contact UOB Travel at +65 6252 6822 (24 hr) for assistance For SafePro Membership matters Please contact SafePro at +65 6679 1826 (24 hr) for assistance For SafePro Gold Members Please use SafePro™ Travel Bodyguard App to contact SafePro Crisis Centre

How do I submit a claim?

Please submit your claim via For assistance, please contact +65 6679 1826 (office hours).

SafePro Travel Protect Membership Program is underwritten by Starr International Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd. All claims will be validated and reviewed by Starr International Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd whose decision shall be final. SafePro Group and UOB Travel will not bear any liability or responsibility for any claim(s) rejected by Starr International Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd.