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SafePro Success Stories


Turkey Coup - July 2016

In the initial hours of the Turkey coup, SafePro was activated to assist our clients who were on holiday. Upon mobilisation, our team immediately extracted our clients from the outskirts of Ankara to another hotel in a safe zone that had been pre-arranged by SafePro.  As the coup developed, SafePro made the necessary preparations to evacuate our clients to a neighbouring country. In the subsequent hours, SafePro received intelligence that no extraction was necessary as the coup was being put down by the government and order was being restored.  Our clients continued their holiday in the safety of the hotel and were flown out of Turkey when air flights resumed.


London Bridge Attack - June 2017

During the London Bridge attack, SafePro was activated by a number of our clients who were in London for business and leisure.  SafePro advised on evacuation procedures and guided our clients to a safe area, while concurrently readying evacuation teams to extract them. After evaluating the threat with the help of ground intelligence, SafePro arranged for the clients to be securely transported to the airport to continue their itinerary in other countries.


Barcelona Attack - August 2017

In the immediate aftermath of the Barcelona terrorist attack in La Rambla, Barcelona, on 17 Aug 2017, SafePro was activated by two clients who were in the vicinity of the incident. The first client had just finished his meeting in La Rambla while the second client was in another part of Barcelona. The SafePro Ops Centre coordinated with ground teams to locate and escort both clients to the safety of their respective hotels after verifying the security of the latter. SafePro then arranged for both clients to rapidly depart Barcelona. Both clients were satisfied that their safety was ensured at minimal cost and inconvenience.


Macau Altercation - April 2018

During a recent business visit to Macau, our client and his associates became involved in an altercation with local Macanese individuals. Due to language differences, our client and his associates were unable to fully comprehend the situation and were subsequently brought to the local police station for questioning. On the way to the police station, our client contacted SafePro and sought assistance.  Within hours of activation, SafePro secured the services of an experienced legal counsel to attend to the client’s case.  SafePro also worked with local resources to ascertain and clarify the misunderstanding between the individuals.  After the misunderstanding was resolved, our client departed from Macau safely.

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