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SafePro offers membership plan across 2 different tiers (Silver and Gold). All SafePro members enjoy travel benefits and emergency medical evacuation services. 

Additionally, members also enjoy complimentary medical concierge services. Gold members are additionally equipped with SafePro Crisis Assistance App for medical  or security-related evacuation services. Relevant conditions and charges apply.


Become a SafePro member today to enjoy immediate protection and benefits!

SafePro Member Services

SafePro Crisis Assistance App

Critical security assistance can be called upon at the touch of a button anywhere in the world. SafePro can also help to track of the people you care about.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

Our panic button immediately connects you to our Op Centers that will locate you and send help.

Travel Planning with Timely Intelligence

Detailed destination reports from our in-house teams of intelligence analysts provide critical insight into the health and security risks of countries you plan to visit.

Security & Medical Evacuation

If you are faced with a security or medical emergency, natural disaster, terrorist attack, government ordered evacuation, or civil unrest while traveling, our teams of extraction operatives will get you to safety and bring you home.

24/7 Global Monitoring & Emergency Event Alerts

Automatic alerts for medical and security events that could impact you in 215 countries and principalities.

Medical Concierge

As part of our membership benefits, SafePro provides complimentary medical concierge services with our medical partners in Singapore.   


Our wide network of medical partners includes doctors, as well as hospitals and medical centers that boast modern, state of the art medical facilities and expertise. We conduct regular reviews and quality checks to ensure we have the best available medical partners to cater to the medical needs of our members. 


Our medical concierge services include:


  1. Telephone Medical Triage Service - To Direct You To The Most Suitable Medical Specialist Based On Your Needs

  2. Medical Service Provider Referral and Appointment Scheduling

  3. Arrangement of Hospital Admission

  4. Fast Track Admission

  5. Arrangement of Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation

  6. Arrangement of Accommodation

  7. Flight and Local Travel Arrangements

  8. Arrangement of Language Interpretation Assistance

Understand the Extent of Your Coverage

No Cost Spared in Ensuring Your Safety.

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