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SafePro | Locate My Child
SafePro | Locate My Child


As parents in modern society, we yearn to give our children the space they need to develop into independent adults. Even in Singapore, however, allowing kids and teenagers the unsupervised freedom of moving around presents various risks to their safety and security. Such dangers include the loss of a child stemming from causes including the rare, but ever present threat of kidnapping, as well as known cases of kids getting lost when they are allowed to travel by themselves or even in the company of caretakers.


Beside disappearing, kids and teenagers left to themselves have also been exposed to other kinds of harm, like being implicated in juvenile crime, getting hurt in an accident, being groomed by sexual predators etc. In many instances, a common element is the presence of a child – willingly or otherwise – at a location conducive to the unfolding of such situations, e.g. a stranger’s home, entertainment and leisure facilities with unsavoury reputations, areas where kids and teenagers congregate etc.


Apart from the unwillingness of parents and children for the latter to be physically chaperoned, parents might also lack the resources or time to ensure that someone is ever present with their child.


Given the above, SafePro’s Locate My Child service is able to protect your child in a manner that is effective, resource-efficient, and sensitive to your child’s needs. Parents of kids and teenagers can rely on the service to ensure that dedicated security professionals are keeping a 24/7 lookout for your child; and while not physically beside your child, can scramble to his or her location at a moment’s notice to ward off any potential emergencies. The service is thus akin to having a discreet personal protective detail for your child at a fraction of the cost.

Real Life

Case Studies

Boy goes missing from Woodlands on first day of school, mysteriously turns up in Bugis

A six-year-old boy went missing while after alighting from a bus at a childcare centre, only to mysteriously reappear in Bugis.

The incident happened on Tuesday (Jan 2) at around 1 pm, and the boy's mother, Madam Wang, 35, said that it was the first day her son had attended primary school.

5-Year-Old Girl Goes Missing in Yunnan, Is Found 9 Hours Later with Shaved Head and Changed Clothes

On Saturday, August 25, grandmother Wang took her 5-year-old granddaughter to a nearby playground at around two o’clock in the afternoon in Xuanwei, a county-level city in the northeast of Yunnan Province. Within just thirty minutes, the calm afternoon turned into a nightmare as the little girl went missing in the blink of an eye.


SafePro | Locate My Child


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*Only Upon Membership Confirmation

SafePro Locator App

Protection of your child begins with the installation of the SafePro Locator App on your child’s mobile device that will transmit high-frequency reports on your child’s location and other related statutes to the SafePro Ops Centre. Once that is done, SafePro will act to protect your child in accordance with the service package that you have signed up for. 

SafePro | Locate My Child



24/7 Support


SafePro protects your child 24/7, ensuring their safety and security no matter the time, and regardless of whether you are with them. 


Location Tracking


Your child’s location is tracked and logged every 60 seconds, ensuring that their current whereabouts are always available upon your query or whenever SafePro’s intervention is needed.  


Child Panic Button Activation


Your child can toggle the panic button on their SafePro Locator App anytime that they feel physically threatened or afraid, prompting the SafePro Ops Centre to act based on your child’s location even as it ascertains their emergency.


Response Team Dispatch


SafePro will dispatch responders to your child’s location whenever your child is facing a potential threat or in distress, based either on your concerns or your child’s activation of the panic button.

SafePro | Locate My Child


Proactive Behaviour-Based Monitoring and Response


Your child’s whereabouts are proactively monitored based on expected norms defined in discussion with you, with necessary responses activated when potential threats are discerned to your child’s safety, even without you or your child’s notification of the SafePro Ops Centre. 

Proactive monitoring thus ensures that your child is protected from emergencies or potential threats that occur abruptly or without your knowledge. 

The three elements of proactive monitoring include:




Depending on your preference, the SafePro Ops Centre may also contact your child periodically or at defined times to authenticate that your child is holding on to the device that has the SafePro Locator App installed.


Long Term Behavioural Analysis 


Your child’s logged locations and timings can also be used over time to establish changing expected behaviour for your reference and to allow the monitoring of deviations from familiar locations and timings to adapt accordingly. 


Defining Expected Behaviour


SafePro will partner you to identify various location-timing combinations that make up your child’s expected behaviour with regard to the familiar places he or she visits and the times that such visits and the subsequent departures occur.


Monitoring Deviation from Familiar Locations and Timings


Once expected behaviour is defined for your child, SafePro will monitor and act, including sending responders to ensure your child’s safety, when your child fails to reach or leave familiar locations, like home and school, at expected timings. 


Monitoring High Risk Areas


You can also define various high-risk areas for your child, with SafePro to act once your child is detected to enter such areas.



SafePro’s Locate My Child service is applicable for persons aged between 7 to just below 18, with protection restricted to Singapore mainland.

Foreigners are eligible for this service as well. 

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