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Security Threat Assessment - London

Travellers to London face security risk arising from terrorism and street protests. London is now facing a severe terrorism threat, with another attack highly probable in the near term, most likely using either an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) or other low-tech means like car ramming and knife attacks. Based on recent attacks, locations and targets at higher risk include crowded enclosed facilities, along the sidewalks on major bridges, as well as large Islamic congregations.

London experiences street protests on a high frequency owing to the permissive political climate. Street protests presenting the highest security risk from mob violence and opportunistic terrorist attacks include those organized for the sake of expressing pro and anti-Islamic sentiments, right wing extremism, and the anger arising from perceived racial discrimination, especially against black people. While no provocative street protests are currently scheduled for the near term, such protests can arise at short notice.

Email us for a copy of the threat assessment today.

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